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Respect for Culture



The pandemic has affected the work of many. During these times, several initiatives appeared trying to support those who were adversely affected the most. However, culture did not receive much support and was even compared to a leisure activity by Czech public officials. Therefore, we joined forces with Raiffeisenbank, the general partner of the National Theatre and we decided to show everyone that culture is so much more and that it deserves our help.


Few realise that the culture sector employs countless people and that now they are facing an enormous crisis. We are not just talking about famous faces. Culture is being formed by all employees of the theatre – no matter if you are a cloakroom attendant, a cleaning lady, an actor or a lighting technician. They all deserve our respect and support. That’s why we created an online spot in which these employees play the leading role, waiting for an audience in the empty and closed National Theatre. We placed the spot on social media and everyone who expressed respect for culture in the comments also supported the National Theatre with a CZK 5 donation thanks to Raiffeisenbank.